Who is AnLar?

Our Approach

AnLar is an education management consulting firm specializing in technical assistance, research, communications, and information technology solutions for educational entities at the federal, state, and district level. AnLar provides full data system services for education agencies, from complete system builds to data analysis and governance support. We expanded our capacity to support states with designing, developing, and sustaining large-scale data systems by partnering with Triskelle Software Solutions and Otis Educational Systems, Inc. (OtisEd). Triskelle and OtisEd are partly owned by the same entity that fully owns AnLar, creating a throughline for decision-making, accountability, project coordination, and project design on all data system efforts. As the AnLar team, we bring an extensive depth and breadth of capabilities to the projects undertaken by each company. The client experience is enhanced by coordinated access to the resources of both organizations, as needed, based on the structure of the project.

AnLar is fully dedicated to assisting states as they build data systems that help collect, process, report, and use their data as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our team works directly with over 30 states providing technical assistance, state education agency leadership, data system design and development, and a myriad of other supports for the needs that face programs that serve students and families. We pride ourselves on providing long-standing assistance to state agencies in the development and deployment of specifically-engineered custom data solutions to meet each agency’s individual needs.

AnLar Projects Across the Country

AnLar Project States

The AnLar team focuses on building customized and easy-to-use IT systems around program processes (rather than forcing programs into a prefabricated system). This approach is possible because of our experienced IT developers, content experts, and project management staff that have significant experience with building customized solutions for public agencies and private industry. From project management and IT design to knowledge of program requirements, from coding and testing to maintenance and training, our AnLar team supports all aspects of system design and development projects.

Our Experience

Below we present selected projects that highlight the AnLar team’s successful implementation of innovative and specialized data systems for educational agencies. These examples demonstrate our ability to develop software solutions that facilitate data management and use in support of educational planning, implementation, and program improvement.

Colorado Department of Education Statewide IFSP/IEP System
(October 2020–Present)

Ascend is Colorado’s online system to support implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Ascend will be used statewide by teams of educators, service providers, and families to develop and implement Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs). Ascend makes individualized planning easy by:

  • Focusing attention on the student
  • Simplifying processes and streamlining the use of data
  • Providing tools that improve decision making and individualization
  • Facilitating team member communication and collaboration