February 28, 2023
We have made a lot of progress over the past 6 months! Migration needs from the related data systems that First Steps currently uses have been identified, and several KITS modules have been developed and tested.

  • User Dashboard: This module provides features for the overview dashboard, including alerts/notifications and pending/completed task items.
  • System Administration (sample screen shown below): This module provides features that allow KITS system administrators to manage user accounts, roles/permissions, lookup values, and other issues managed by highly privileged users.
  • Organizations, Program Staff, and Workforce: This module provides system administrative features required to add, review, edit, and manage First Steps organization and workforce records.

System Development

July 15, 2022
The KITS database has been configured and legacy data migration analysis is underway. Development has also begun on the Program Administration modules, with the first round of testing expected to begin in early August.

System Design

June 15, 2022
Requirements gathering needed to configure the backend KITS database has been completed.

System Design/Stakeholder Input

April 29, 2022
The KITS Project Team held a 2-day on-site meeting at the First Steps office to outline specifications for the remaining modules. Various stakeholders attended to provide input on data collection and data use needs.

System Design and Development

January 15, 2022
Technical development on the initial set of case management components (e.g., application intake/review, enrollment, etc.) has begun. Requirements gathering for additional components (e.g., attendance, screening/assessment, etc.) is underway.

Stakeholder Testing

December 15, 2021
The public-facing application portal was released for testing by KITS Advisory Group members and other invited stakeholders (e.g., family members).

System Testing

September 20, 2021
Internal project team testing on the first developed component of KITS, the public-facing application portal, has begun.

Project Overview Flyer

June 29, 2021
Download the flyer now.

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