Welcome to the South Carolina First Steps KITS Project website.


System Development (7/15/22):
The KITS database has been configured and legacy data migration analysis is underway. Development has also begun on the Program Administration modules, with the first round of testing expected to begin in early August.

System Design (6/15/22):
Requirements gathering needed to configure the backend KITS database has been completed.

System Design/Stakeholder Input (4/29/22):
The KITS Project Team held a 2-day on-site meeting at the First Steps office to outline specifications for the remaining modules. Various stakeholders attended to provide input on data collection and data use needs.

SC First Steps KITS

KITS (Knowledge, Information, and Teaming System) is an online program and case management system designed to support the implementation and monitoring of South Carolina First Steps local partnership and 4K programs. KITS will be used by teams of state staff, local program administrators, practitioners, and families to address a variety of program and case data management needs.

Meet the Team

The AnLar team focus will be on building SC First Steps KITS as a customized and easy-to-use IT System around South Carolina’s First Steps processes (rather than forcing teams into a prefabricated system). This approach is possible because of our experienced IT developers, content experts, and project management staff that have significant experience with building customized solutions for public agencies and private industry. From project management and IT design to knowledge of program requirements, from coding and testing to maintenance and training, our AnLar team will support all aspects of the SC First Steps KITS project.

Who Is AnLar?

AnLar focuses on education reform efforts at the district, state, and national level, providing distinct services to agencies to support their needs. AnLar strongly believes in the balance of focus on content expertise and experience, combined with robust and modernized data systems. AnLar’s five core service areas are technical assistance (TA), Information Technology (IT) data systems, research and evaluation, communication and design, and government process improvement.

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